From: $ 175.00 / month

Mini Band places students ages 2-6 in a small group environment, where they can begin to explore music and instruments with friends. Students gain hands-on experience with piano, ukulele and drums, while receiving ear and vocal training in the form of songs and games. We aim to develop each of our students’ sense of rhythm, hand-eye coordination, teamwork skills, and confidence, while they sing and play their favorite songs!

Your monthly subscription includes:
• (1) 45-minute Mini Band class per week (average of 4 classes per month)
• (1) make-up class every two months

Tuition is billed automatically on the 1st of each month, and provides students an average of 4 classes per month. Some months will include 5 classes, others only 3 (during the holidays), but most will include 4. This does not affect the monthly rate. If you would like to join us before the 1st of the upcoming month, please specify your start date in the ‘order notes’, and we’ll charge your account a prorated amount for the number of classes remaining in the month.



Additional information

Class Schedule

MON 3:30 (5-6 yrs), MON 3:30 (3-4 yrs), MON 4:25 (2-3 yrs), MON 4:25 (3-4 yrs), TUE 11:15 (4-5 yrs), TUE 3:30 (4-5 yrs), TUE 3:30 (3-4 yrs), WED 3:30 (3-4 yrs), WED 4:25 (2-3 yrs), WED 4:25 (5-6 yrs), THU 3:30 (2-3 yrs), THU 3:30 (4-5 yrs), THU 4:25 (3-4 yrs), FRI 3:30 (2-3 yrs), FRI 3:30 (3-4 yrs), SAT 10AM (2-3 yrs), SAT 10AM (3-4 yrs), SAT 10:50 (4-5 yrs), SAT 12:15 (2-3 yrs), FRI 3:30 (5-6 yrs), FRI 4:25 (3-4 yrs), THU 3:30 (3-4 yrs), WED 3:30 (4-5 yrs)