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Monthly Tuition: Tuition is billed automatically on the 1st of each month, and provides students an average of 4 lessons or classes per month. Most months will include 4, others 5, and during holiday months 2-3. This does not affect the monthly rate. For every week that we are closed, there will be an equal number of months that include 5 lessons or classes to make-up the difference. Tuition is not adjusted for missed or cancelled lessons. 

Make-up Policy: Students may attend (1) make-up class or lesson every two months. Make-ups do not roll-over into future months. Baby Band and Mini Band students may only attend other Baby Band and Mini Band classes. Studio Band students may schedule a 30 min. Solo Lesson. In the event of a teacher absence, we will provide a qualified substitute. Our billing and attendance policies still apply.

Suspend Your Subscription: You can suspend your subscription anytime from the My Account page. When you suspend your subscription, your monthly payment for that subscription will stop, and your lesson time will be opened to our waitlist. Please reschedule your lesson or class time before re-activating your account.

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